Cheap Eyewear and Chic Eyewear can be one in the same.

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Cheap and Chic
cool eye glassesJust like any accessory, eyewear should be reflective of your style and personality. However, it can be easy to get carried away with brand names and designer labels. Everyone wants to look good but it shouldn't be necessary to break the bank especially when it comes to eyewear.
For those who require glasses, it is understood how important a versatile look is. You wear glasses every day, so it is vital that you feel comfortable and happy with how you present yourself. It is also nice to have options so you can select different pairs of glasses for different looks each day.
Canadians are fortunate to have access to chain retailers that specialize in offering wide selections of the top, cheap designer eyeglasses that are not only incredible stylish, but affordable.
Check these stores daily for incredible promotions in order to get the most for your dollar. The majority of these locations also offer cheap contact lenses, as well. This is great for those who are older and have just discovered their need for vision assistance, as carrying glasses around can take time to get used to
Booking An Eye Exam
As with any important check-up, the majority of Canadians tend to put off booking an eye exam for fear of what they may find. The fact of the matter is regular eye exams can help prevent major vision issues down the line. Just as it is vital to maintain on top of your physicals and dental cleanings, regular eye exams will help keep your vision strong and help catch any possible issues that may cause major problems in the future.
Here is a timeline for when and how often to schedule an eye exam with a specialist or optometrist:
Preschool Children – Schedule your child's first eye exam before the age of three.
Vision-corrected Children – If during the first appointment it has been indicated that the child requires vision correction, it is important to schedule an exam every year.
School Children – Children who have been shown to have strong vision should book an exam once every two to three years. For those that have been diagnosed with vision problems, an eye exam is recommended every year.
Adults – Many adults start to notice that their vision is not as strong as it used to be. Those who use glasses should schedule an appointment with a specialist at least once a year
Adults over 40 – After 40, it becomes increasingly vital to maintain a healthy eye and ensure that you are visiting a specialist at least once a year. This will help avoid major damage down the line such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and presbyopia.
Regardless of your age or personal style, it is possible to find prescription eye wear, frames, bifocals, trifocals, multi-focals, cool sunglasses, safety goggles and more to treat either nearsightedness or farsightedness.